Friday, April 19, 2013

El Nicho Aural 2012 (Interview & live excerpts)

Joke Lanz en el nicho Aural #2 from el nicho experimental on Vimeo.

Directed by Patrick Danse
Camera: Jose Luis Arranda Nucamendi
Location sound engineer: Loretta Rato

El Nicho Aural Festival 2012 Mexico-City:

Watch Lasse Marhaug, Alan Courtis and Bruce McClure at El Nicho:



My good friend and percussionist Christian Wolfarth invited me to do a remix of one of his 'Acoustic Solo Percussion' 7"s from his volume 1-4 series. Alongside with Rashad Becker, Hans Joachim Irmler (Faust) and Günter Müller, this fine double CD is out now on his own Hiddenbell Records.
One disc contains all original pieces from 'Acoustic Solo Percussion Vol 1-4', the other disc contains the remixes.


Saturday, April 6, 2013

From TXL to TLV!

Sudden Infant live at 5th anniversary of Zimmer Festival Tel Aviv March 30, 2013

With a slight hangover from the night before at Ausland where I played a turntable solo alongside of Robert Piotrowicz and Ruben Patino, I found myself waiting at the departure gate in Berlin Tegel for my flight to Tel Aviv. It's my second visit to this vibrant and colorful city and the first time to play a full Sudden Infant show in Israel. I'm happy to escape this horrible never-ending winter in Berlin. Tel Aviv welcomes me with 24 degrees celsius!

Despite an Egyptian visa stamp in my passport I easily get through immigration and my friends Guy and Ron are picking me up. On the way to the city we get stopped by Israeli police because I forgot to wear the safety belts on the backseat!

The new Zimmer is way bigger than the old one but still kept his distinctive and unique style, filled with old television sets, tape recorders, turntables, graffitis, found objects, plastic dolls, posters etc.
I immediately feel at home! It's a great place to go and to meet some of the most interesting people in Tel Aviv.

Big thanks to: Ron and Guy for being such great friends and keeping the good work up in Israel, Mia, Alma and Aviad for their lovely hospitality, Nira, Har'El, Gabi, Grisha, Bachmutsky, Marsha, Andrew, Eli, Joe, Assaf, Gali, Ariel, Kabab and all the cool acts I saw at the Zimmer such as Mujahadeen, Laila, Mechonat Hereg, Sachi & the Kids and many more. THANKS for the great time!!